App Vendor Terms and Conditions v1.0

Selling Apps for Tradeshift Apps marketplace and B2B Network

First and foremost we offer you access to market and sell your app to our large and fast growing base of businesses in our network through the (upcoming) Tradeshift Apps marketplace.

By providing you access to our network, we are offering a viral platform that allows you to create apps that bring value to the business that buys the app. In addition, the app will be made visible to the business partners of that company, and therefore can spread virally.

What we offer developers with the Sandbox Environment

As developers, we offer you a sandbox environment that mirrors the production environment, together with kick-ass in-UI developer tools, documentation and forums for creating the app itself. The goal of the sandbox environment is to allow developers to develop and test apps in the context of the Tradeshift web application UI. By creating an account in the sandbox environment, app developers will be granted access to

  • The Tradeshift API with rights to access that account
  • Access to the in-UI development environment
  • Access to the developer forum

In turn, we’ll ask you to respect the following:

  • Use the API for what it was designed for – to access and manage data of individual companies. It is not intended for scenarios involving massive polling, moving large amounts of data, storing excessive amounts of custom properties and so on. If you are missing some data that you have to stitch together from many API calls, tell us, and chances are we will add that feature to the API. If your app goes live at some point, it will run in an environment where we monitor API calls for ‘reasonable use’
  • There are other people on the Sandbox. While there is no ‘live business data’ on the sandbox, people rely on it to test their integrations and app. Please do not send documents or connection requests to people that have not agreed to accept these, even on the sandbox
  • Be aware that emails are sent to the specified email addresses – this goes for email + PDF emails, notifications and so on
  • Please respect people’s privacy on the sandbox, i.e. the way that you and your app use the data in the sandbox should respect the basic privacy rules there
  • Please do not share your sandbox access with others

As long as you follow these common sense guidelines, you may merrily hack away.

What if I want to sell my app through Tradeshift?

You are welcome to build apps in the Sandbox Environment as you wish. If you want to create an app that is featured and sold through the Tradeshift Apps marketplace, there are a number of additional requirements that you must meet.

While we have not yet finalized the terms and conditions for apps featured in Tradeshift, keep the following in mind:

  • We will need to make sure that the application lives up to the quality standards that we have for our UI. You will need to follow some design guidelines that cover UI patterns & styles (link to guidelines), consistent use of terminology, user interaction patterns and responsiveness. There will be an approval process that the app needs to go through from our side
  • You have the responsibility for the user communication around the app – user support and support level, give the user fair warning about updates, provide documentation and possibly in-UI help, and so on
  • The app must be available in at least English, but the more languages you provide, the more users you will be able to reach
  • We have lots of businesses in our network - if you invoke backend services that you have developed, take your success into account - make sure that these are able to scale. There will be uptime requirements for apps
  • Apps are either free or based on recurring payments, and we employ a revenue sharing model. Pricing should primarily be market driven, but the actual price might impact how we are able to market your app. We should therefore enter into a dialogue about pricing
  • You are responsible for maintaining compatibility with the Tradeshift API. We will give you fair notice in the event of updates
  • There will be some imposed limits on API use which reflect ‘reasonable use’ of the APIs
  • It is a basic principle for us that the customer owns his or her own data. While you may create Ajax services and communicate with these through your app, bear in mind that the customer should have access to core data items from within the Tradeshift storage. Depending on your service, this might require you to store or provide copies of core data entities to the customer’s storage on Tradeshift.